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Dr. Renu Singh, TheNutriFit Clinic, Weight Loss Clinic, Vikaspuri, New Delhi

Common mistakes during Weight Loss journey

We all have been on weight loss journey at-least once in our life. Though a few succeed, most of us end up being disappointed and decide that all the work is not worth the effort. However, we fail to understand that there are dos and don'ts of following a weight loss regime. Below is a simple guide to ensure you get maximum results for the effort you put in and to ensure you do not commit common mistakes during weight loss journey. 1. Inadequate Sleep - sleeping less than 7 hours interrupts body function and increases weight Gain hormones. Ensure ...
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Do not Ignore Health Signals

Our body gives us health signals from time to time to help us understand there is something wrong. The worst mistake we commit is that we do not pay attention to what our body tells us. Let us do not ignore the health signals and listen to our body. Here are a few important health signals: 1. Brown or White cavities on tongue indicate stomach disorders. 2. Eye dark circles indicate leucorrhea, Anemia and Weakness. 3. Under eye darkness indicates constipation and high fatigue. 4. Under eye swelling or puffiness indicates kidney malfunction. 5. Ulcer spots on lip corners indicate ...
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How to “Beat the Heat” this Summer

With the onset of summer, we need to be extra cautious for our well being. The best part of summer is that it comes with a variety of fruits and food options. Make sure you do not fight the summer, but enjoy the season to 'Beat the Heat'. Following are a few tricks: 1. Eat light, small & frequent meals - Start the day with a sweet & juicy fruit at breakfast. Ripe summer fruits such as Peaches, Plums, Melons, Citrus fruits and Pears are exactly what your skin craves for in summers. Eat whole fruits or extract juice, store ...
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Happy Navratra – How to Avoid Weight Gain during Navratra

Happy Navratran To avoid weight gain here are some tips.. 1.Eat small meals and do not starve for long time to maintain your blood sugar level. 2. Keep yourself hydrated, drink lots of water, chaach, lemon water, coconut water. 3. Do not eat fried food instead combine high carbohydrates (such as potato, sabudana, kuttu) with fibrous vegetables like ghiya, pumpkin, spinach. 4. Include more protein in your diet such as paneer, kuttu. 5. Consume samank rice which is easy to digest. 6. For sugar cravings eat fruit raita, samank rice kheer, apple kheer. 7. Do not eat namkeen and fried ...
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Surya Namaskar for weight Loss

Benefits of Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is a gesture of showing gratitude to the sun. It is a set of 12 yoga Asanas which bring your body, breath and mind together and helps in weight loss. Right Time for Surya Namaskar If performed in the morning, it strengthens your body and calms your mind. You feel energetic throughout the day. If performed in the evening, it helps you to unwind all the stress of the day. Weight Loss: It provides excellent cardiovascular workout and helps in weight loss. Many postures stretch the abdominal muscles and reduce the belly fat. It also improves metabolism. Muscles ...
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Maintain a Disciplined Lifestyle for a Better Life

Right food is one of the ways to live a healthy life but there are a few other things as well which are very important (for example Low Carb Diet) to have a better life. Here are the 7 areas that you can work on; Low Carb Diet: Adopt a low Carb Diet lifestyle to boost your energy, reduce your craving for unhealthy food and to lose weight. Low Structure: Increase your daily general movement to at least 5 minutes at every 60 minutes interval. Stand and Walk around instead of sitting still all the time at every 60 minutes ...
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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera It is also called kumari in Sanskrit which means young girl. Because it is widely used in the disease of young girl like pimples and menstrual disorders. Aloe Vera Medicinal Properties It is Bitter in Taste. It is Heavy, Sticky and Oily. Its Useful Part is Leave. Dose of the aloe vera is: 10-30 ml of fresh juice And 1-3 gm of the leaf pulp. Aloe Vera Uses: Useful in Constipation. Useful in Hepatitis. Useful in treating Burn Wounds. Useful in Bleeding Disorders Such as Heavy  Bleeding. Useful in skin problems. Improves vision , good for eyes. Antiageing. Useful ...
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Fenugreek(Methidana) & Its Benefits

Fenugreek Nutrition Fenugreek seeds and leaves are strongly aromatic and flavorful. These seeda are rich in vitamins such as vitamin B1, Vitamin B9, VitaminB6, vitamins A, and Vitamin C, and are of many minerals such as copper, potassium, calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, manganese, and magnesium. Fenugreek leaves are a rich source of vitamin K as well. Health Benefits of Fenugreek Reduces Cholesterol – Fenugreek contains saponins that help reduce the body’s absorption of cholesterol from fatty foods. Controls Diabetes –Fenugreek Seeds are enhancing insulin secretion under hyperglycemic conditions, and increasing insulin sensitivity. Enhances Breast Milk Production – Fenugreek helps to increase milk production. Fenugreek has been used ...
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