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Do you have offices outside of Delhi?

We operate from our office in Delhi only. We have no branch, no representative, no authorised nutritionist anywhere else in India.

How does the email and phone consultation work?

Once your case is assigned to one of our health consultants, he/ she remains in touch with you over phone, whats-app and emails.

Is any pre-consultation provided before starting a health program with you?

You can book your appointment through contact forms available on our website. You can also visit us in our Delhi Clinic (address: A-3, Ground Floor, Shanker Garden, Vikas Puri, New Delhi – 110018). Our client coordinators with get in touch with you to answer your queries and help you decide.

How would I know whether I should take a longer duration package or not?

Length of diet plan depends on the amount of weight loss you want to achieve. On an average our clients lose upto 4kgs each month.

What do I do after the program is over?

We not only provide you health programs but also educate you on how to remain healthy. You can continue to follow the tips and tricks shared with you over the period of your program with us after your consultation period is over. On top of this, we do provide post program maintenance consultation.

Can I extend my package after I start?

You can extend the package during the 1st month of program.

Can I pay in cash or through cheque?

You have option to pay online through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking/ PayTM. You can also deposit cash/ cheque directly in our account and share the payment details with us on our email id The bank details are available in the payments section.

Is there any couple discount?

We offer 10% couple discount on 3 month programs.

How soon will I see results?

The rate of weight loss varies for each individual. Some will see results right away while others may not see it for a few days. It is important to stay consistent and stay on your program for at least 3 weeks to see the results. The result might not be a measurable effect on weight but you will start feeling better, energetic and lose inches within a week or two of following the program.

How are your program different from others? I have tried a lot of other diets plans but nothing worked.

We help you evolve a healthy eating pattern that fits into your lifestyle, help you understand your body requirements and know your digestive system to develop your own eating pattern and overcome the fear associated with dieting. We help you become fit and not just lose weight.

I am a non-vegetarian/ pure vegetarian. Will your diet plans accommodate my eating preferences?

Our diet plans are custom designed for each of our clients based on their life-style, likes and dislikes. The idea is to design an eating plan that is doable.

I travel a lot. How would that be taken care of?

Most of our clients are big on travels. The diet plan will be designed keeping in mind you work requirements.

I work in different time shifts, will the diet plan be made to accommodate it?

We design the diet plans that suit your work schedule and lifestyle.

Do you recommend exercises?

Exercise is not a mandatory part of our health programs. However, proper eating habits accompanied by mild exercise go a long way. If you want, our team can help you in designing an exercise routine.

Is skipping meals healthy and recommended by you?

Skipping meals to save calories is a very bad idea. If you skip meals, you’re more likely to get hungry and overeat. We do not support any kind of crash dieting and starving.

I have been overweight all of my life. Can I lose weight?

Yes of course. Barring some medical conditions, you can lose weight at any time and do not need to remain the same all your life.

Do you sell supplements?

We do not provide any weight loss supplements however our doctor might recommend you some form of medication that can help you correct lifestyle disorders and aid weight loss. We believe that taking supplements for weight loss has far too many negatives. Quite a few supplements have been proven to be bad for health. When you stop taking them the weight comes back.

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