Maintain a Disciplined Lifestyle for a Better Life

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Maintain a Disciplined Lifestyle for a Better Life

Right food is one of the ways to live a healthy life but there are a few other things as well which are very important (for example Low Carb Diet) to have a better life. Here are the 7 areas that you can work on;

Low Carb Diet: Adopt a low Carb Diet lifestyle to boost your energy, reduce your craving for unhealthy food and to lose weight.

Low Structure: Increase your daily general movement to at least 5 minutes at every 60 minutes interval. Stand and Walk around instead of sitting still all the time at every 60 minutes. If not possible, stretch for 5 minutes while being seated.

 Stress: Stress is part of life but we have to manage it effectively. But two golden rules to reduce stress are:

  • Walk more and engage yourself in any activity that you like
  • Set less expectations from yourself and others

Sleep: Get deep and ample sleep for 7 – 9 hours daily. Your sleep makes a big difference to energy levels during the day which can play a significant role in you being successful.

Meal Habits: Your mean habits play a big role in your life. Make some rules

  • Breakfast is ‘The Most Important’ meal of the day. Have a healthy and wholesome breakfast.
  • Do not go ‘Empty’. Try to have something light in intervals of 2 – 3 hours. This will keep your energy levels high all the time.
  • Keep a food diary/ recipe book to help you make healthy meals for yourself.

Mindset: Build your inner and outer strength by changing food habit and regular exercise.

Medical Checks: Go for regular health check-ups to be aware of your body and deficiencies that can be controlled and corrected in right time.


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