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Maintain Lifestyle to Live Better Life

Food is the one way to live healthy life but there are more things which are very important to live better life. To work on 6 areas of your life to make the weight loss faster, easier and longlasting.

These Six Areas Are:

1.Low Carbohydrate Diet

2.Low Structur


4.Deep Ample Sleep

5.Poor Choices


1.Low Carbohydrate Diet

Adopt the low Carbohydrate Diet Lifestyle to boost your energy ,reduce your desire to unhealthy food and increase your weight loss effect.

2.Low Structure

Increase your daily general movement to at least 5 minutes at every 60 minutes. start to stand and walk around instead of sitting all the time at every 60 minutes or stretch for 5 minutes while seated.


Stress is the normal part of life but we have to manage it. Here is some ideas to reduce the stress:

  1. Walk more. Engaging yourself in any activity to keep yourself away from the stress.
  2. Set less expectations from yourself and others.


You get deep and ample sleep between 7-9 hours daily. Your sleep make  big difference in your success in diet and life.

5.Meal habit

  1. Boost your Breakfast It is the important meal of your day. plan the healthy breakfast.
  2. Do not run empty. Try to have something light in 2-3 hours. it will keep your energy up.
  3. Keep the Food Diary which help you to make healthy meal for yourself.

6.Mind Set

Build your inner strength and outer strength. By changing the food  habit and exercise.


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